Design Portfolio

Einige von meinen Grafikarbeiten:

Some of my graphic works:


2 of 6 Archangel illustrations for a book published in Australia   

A few of myVitinanka depicting Norse Mythology

Ask and Embla, the Adam and Eve of the Norse

5 Cushion designs

Cards made with Appliqué and Vitinanka-technique

More cards made with Vitinanka-technique

Simple Australian Aboriginal-style dot paintings for adult relaxation classes

Small sketch for Ratty (original 70cm x 50cm)

Small sketches for 2 Nordic Vitinanka, also 70cm x 50cm each

Neustädter Marienkirche in Bielefeld (Sketch) 

Lemgo sketch

Childrens book illustrations ‘Patterns in the Garden’ (A4)

Some of my favourite photographs taken in Germany and the UK

Bad Salzuflen

DKBM near Gütersloh

Native Cornwall inhabitant


Sparrenburg, Bielefeld





Plöner See, Dersau

St Austell


Kiddies Art Book Illustrations:

Hoffmann’s Golden Pot (sketches)

Howl’s Moving Castle

Illustrations from my book ‘The English Queens’ (pp 21.9 x 21.9)

Illustrations from my Fairey-Tale, ‘The Stonebird’ (A3)

Ottfried Preussler’s Krabat (A5)